aAxe throwing is great for family fun, date night, getting the squad together (you know, your friends), and even team-building with your workmates. 

Before beginning, your AxeMaster (think of them as a coach or host!) explains the rules and safety guidelines to all players to ensure everyone has an awesome, and most importantly, SAFE time.

Then it’s game on! We offer a variety of games for players to go head-to-head for some competitive fun. But most of all, we are here to make your experience the best so make sure to let us know.


What kind of experience do I pick for axe throwing?

We offer 2-target private lanes with shared AxeMasters who cover safety and help with instruction and games. “Shared” just means they assist two lanes at a time. 

After you click BOOK (button at the bottom) you see a menu of experiences on the left. Each experience is priced per lane and not per person. Choose the one that best matches the size of your group. You can always choose a longer experience but you can’t choose a shorter one. For example, if you have 8 people in your group, the ideal experience is a 90 minute lane but you could opt to do the 120 minute lane. You cannot choose the 60 minutes package because the amount of throwing time would not be sufficient.

    • up to 3 people // 30 minutes
    • up to 6 people // 60 minutes
    • up to 9 people // 90 minutes
    • up to 12 people // 120 minutes

 For groups over 12, we suggest checking out our large groups or parties page.



Birthday Party

Add on the Birthday Party Package during checkout and leave the decorating to us! The package includes balloons, a birthday banner, fun picture props, and a bowl of candy. Please note that this add-on is only available for 90 minute and 120 minute axe bookings. 



Bachelor or Bachelorette Party

The Bachelor(ette) Party Gift Bag is the perfect add-on for a fun night to remember. The logo zippered pouch contains: “One Last Fling” shot glass and drink token for The X Bar along with Tic-Tacs, Advil, and Purell Hand Sanitizer wipe. This package can be added to any experience.

Leagues and Memberships are more ways to have axe fun!




Horseplay of any kind is strictly prohibited. Such behavior may lead to removal from site.


Players cannot participate with open-toe shoes. Only closed-toe/ covered shoes are acceptable.


Players are not allowed to throw axes at any target being used by another player at the same time or throw axes at any targets not designated to their group.


Players may not hand off or pass an axe to another at any time. Those that do not demonstrate the ability to safely handle or throw axes are not be allowed to participate in axe throwing games.


Players’ alcoholic drinks are monitored during axe throwing and may be restricted at any time. If we feel anyone’s safety is in danger, a player may be asked to not play or asked to leave.