Join a League!

A little more competitive, a little more action. Joining a league is a great way to learn or improve your axe throwing game.  Each week you have 4 matches against other players.  Enjoy our great drink and food selection while you make new friends and connect with old ones. League is great for friends and families!

Don’t forget we offer Membership for practicing that Kill Shot!

The Basics

We are WATL or World Axe Throwing League affiliates and follow rules and standards for competition. We offer sanctioned and recreational leagues.

WATL sanctioned league types are Standard, Duals, and Big Axe.

Leagues are 8 weeks long and 1 day/night a week where you will have 4 matches.

The schedule varies greatly on enrollment and may vary from season to season. Typically the duration is 1 – 2 hours a week.


Standard WATL Gameplay

Each match or game is played against different opponents, opponents are random via matchmaking in the WATL app and consist of 10 throws. In each game, players will take 5 throws and then switch sides.

Duals WATL Gameplay

This is a partnered competition where two competitors each throw their standard axe simultaneously at the same target. Each match is 5 throws per player, per game.




Every Wednesdays starting Sept 20th – Nov 8th – Come Watch!



Starts January 2024…more info to come. 



(not all of them)

Follow and respect the WATL Code of Conduct


Axes that do not adhere to WATL® specifications, including broken axes, may not be used.


Practice lanes are offered at the discretion of the venue and are available for 30 minutes prior to the start of league. 


No one other than the presiding judge may alter the boards before, during, or after any game unless authorized by that individual. This includes, but is not limited to pulling out pieces of board(s), and chopping or softening the board with their axe.


Throwers are allowed to make up any amount of missed games during regular league nights, but all games must be made up by week 7. Games that are not completed at the end of week 7 will not be recorded as played.


The blade (or bit) of the axe can not be longer than 4 inches and cannot weigh more than 3 pounds. Handle must be a minimum of 12 inches and a max of 19 inches.


These are just some of the rules. Please visit WATL Official Rules for more information.