escape games

It’s late at night and you took the shortcut through the Oak Street Cemetery and are now locked in. You rest for a bit at the DuBois crypt and look down to see a small journal just laying on the ground. Could it hold the key to getting out of the Cemetery before the night is through?

2 – 10 players allowed
6 – 8 IDEAL team size

More difficult than Reactor


Very dim lighting
Spooky themed
Color puzzles
May need to bend or crouch

Ten RBMK nuclear reactors still operate in Russia today. Reactor 5-201 has become a critical risk that has prompted your team of scientists to be called to Kursk, Russia, and try to mitigate the high probability of a meltdown. Can you and your team of scientists cool the reactor in time or will the city of Kursk become the next Chernobyl?

2 – 8 players allowed
4 – 6 IDEAL team size

Easier than Cemetery


Normal Lighting
Color puzzles
May need to bend or crouch

VR Escape Games

You’ll find yourself in a fantastical environment — a space station, or under the sea — and start exploring. There may be objects to pick up and manipulate. There may be codes to decipher. Doors to unlock. When you solve one set of puzzles, they are seamlessly transported into the next area — allowing your experience to be virtually realistic!

VR escape rooms involve searching for clues and solving puzzles just like in a traditional escape room, just for 45 minutes instead of 60. Upon arrival, you choose which adventure to go on. We currently have 8 games to choose from and allow 5 players max. 

Current Games: Pirates Plague, Runaway Train, Time Travel Paradox, Manor of Escape, Depths of Osiris,  Dragon Tower, Space Station Tiberia, and Laser Bots





Everything you need will be provided for you in the rooms. All players will be asked to leave their belongings (bag, keys, phones*, etc.) in our lockers (locks are provided).  Things like reading glasses and covered drinks are allowed inside the room.

*The best way to enjoy this experience is without your phone or smartwatch breaking your concentration but we understand they may be necessary for a babysitter or on-call work. Please just talk to your GameMaster prior to entering the room.


Children 8 years of age and up are welcome to play with family. Even so, there are some “creepy” elements of gameplay that may include the story, lighting, elements of play, and more. Please look at game descriptions for more info on specific rooms.

Lack of maturity and focus is the main reason for age restriction and for this reason, large groups of minors are cautioned. Waivers are required to be signed by a parent/guardian. Please remember that these games are intended to be fun but also include a level of immersion that is meant to produce anxiety, fear, and intrigue!

Minors 16 and under must be accompanied in the room by an adult.


All rooms are private bookings.