Your position in the company won’t matter when you step into the lane. That’s because Axe Throwing is for every size and strength. This means an equal playing field for you and your co-workers. Prepare for high-intensity, pulse-pounding adrenaline as you and your comrades overcome the challenges of properly throwing an axe at your target. You haven’t done a teambuilding activity like this!

We can host up to 100+ throwers in our woodsy facility. Spectators can find seating behind the action or at our lounge area in The X Bar. Your AxeMaster(s) show you the ways of the axe and host fun games or maybe a tournament! When booking, keep in mind that each lane holds up to 12 people and each lane gets a dedicated AxeMaster. 


This is a teambuilding experience that naturally requires groups to communicate, cooperate, lead/follow, solve problems, and produce results under pressure that is actually fun. By working together, teams must find clues and learn how to escape the room in less than 60 minutes.

We have 2 traditional escape games, The Cemetery and The Reactor, that can hold up to 10 and 8 players max, respectively. Our VR escape games are 45 minutes and can have a max of 5 players with a number of games to choose from.

Every employer looks for great communication skills in their employees but not many train on it.

Our escape games help:

    • build camaraderie
    • develop respect
    • uncover communication styles
    • encourage listening
    • foster teamwork


While this may not be what is traditionally thought of when teambuilding, smashing things together is a fun way to bond. The rage room can hold 2 people at a time per package of whatever your teams choose. Better yet, the rest of the gang can watch right outside and cheer on just like they were in the room.


We serve an array of amazing food. View our pre-order large group menu here.  You can also view our everyday menu. We kindly ask that any groups over 12 pre-order food a week in advance.

We serve a wide range of beverage choices. Choose from a selection of soda, mixed drinks, various domestic and craft beers, seltzers, various bottles and cans, and wine. Whether you want an open bar, drink limits, or everyone paying for themselves, we got you. The X Bar can structure to your preferences. We do not have a limit rule but closely monitor alcohol consumption for safety at all times.

Catering is an option only when the entire facility is booked. You can bring in a celebration cake or cupcakes any time with any booking but please no other outside food or drink.

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